Hi guys,

If you got here is because you are moving to NL and you are looking for some guidance. Nowadays it can be a bit frsutrating with the housing market. It is, in fact, totally crazy and there is so much to tae in account.

I understand a lot of people move to Amsterdam because there are more job opportunities where Dutch is not needed. However Amsterdam is the most expensive city of the Country and the ratio between the quality of the apartment and the money you pay for it is often not good.

Here some useful links if you are moving to the Netherlands:

BSN – it is your ID, you’ll need it to work, open a bank account, get your health insurance (mandatory). The Bsn goes together with registration. Of course it can happen you don’t find an adress where to register immediately so you can apply for the RNI. RNI is the non-resident-database availble in 19 municipalities. Thanks to that you can get you BSN and you have 4 months to look for a adress where to register.

Funda.nl it is the main website used to look for apartment, both to rent or to buy. 

If you are looking for a room, the most common is Kamernet. 

Be always careful and visit the apartment/room before provide any document or money

30% tax discount: if you are moving with a job already or you get one very soon you can apply for the 30% tax ruling, it means a discount on your taxes of the 30%. There are some requirements first of all the annual salary which needs to be higher than 39K bruto per year.

Watch my video on youtube to learn more about it.

One of the question I always receive is “what is the minimum to earn in order to have a good level of life?” I would say 35k bruto per year which is more or less €2400 per month. Of course won’t be luxury life, especially if you live in one of the main cities, but defintitely enough to have a good life.

Health Insurance is private and mandatory. Nowadays we reached the minimum of €120 per month. You must have it and you start to pay for it the moment you are regiustered in the Netherlands. So if yo register today and think to activate a health insurance after 3 months, you’d pay all the 3 months since the day you got the Ducth adress. There is no way to save money.

Ask to your employer if they have a discount with some health agency insurance, it often happen they got a 10% discount for the employees. Anyway HR informs about it.

If you use the train very often then the tip is to apply (online)for the personal OV chipkaart and chose the subscription that matches better with your need. If you (almost) never use the train but only the bus. metro and tram then you can buy an anonymous OV chipkaart, it costs €7 and you can get it at any station. You can charge it and use in any transportation to pay only for the stop you take instead of €3,50 – €4 of a single ticket.

More details are available at the video I recorded on youtube. If you have more questions please reach me out:


You might find interesting to read the article with some job research tips

If you are moving with kids or you are planning to have once arrive din NL, this article about the Dutch school system https://www.goingexpat.info/en/going-to-school-the-dutch-way/might be helpful

Talk to you soon