Talking about jobs which allow you to travel the world, the first definition we think about is “Digital nomad”, but what if this is not the only one?

Today we talk about working as a travelling butler, and maybe not many of you know it. Who tells us more about it is Sara.

Sara – @travelwitharasuk

Let´s get to know her through her own words:

Hi, I´d like to introduce myself using my nickname, the one you find in all social media I currently use: Arasuk, which became then travelwitharasuk. I´ll expalin why in just a few second.

Aras is my name written and read backwards: Sara. I started to use it after I moved to UK (and here you get why I added uk at the end of it), everything started when I bought an english SIM card, and then I found myself so comfortable and well represented byt this name, that I decided to keep on using it.

The name got a significant change with the word “travel”.

I decided to add it since I define myself a traveller, and more, an italian abroad.

Officialy, my expat experience started in 2015, but I was already used to travel and living between Rome and London since 2012, for love.

Not everyone knows what kind of job I have, or better is not that clear what I actually do.

Let´s talk about it together, I´ll try to be as much clear as possible.

When I moved to London, I decided to start a new job, different from what I was used to do, and move my first steps in the thotel-turism industry. It also helped me in improving my knowledge of the English language.

I had various jobs in this field, I started as waitress for breakfast, Hostess Receptionist, Banqueting Head Waitress and much more, always  at the luxury level or as hostess and translator/linguistic supporter during internationals fairs

At the end I got to know and do my current job, the travelling butler

To be honest, it just happened, it wasn´t planned, but we all know, these are the best stories, right?

I was sure to keep on working in the turistic industry, but the pandemic made it impossible, and so I had to change my mind

Also, during that period I was stuck in Italy. When I finally could go back to London, I found a job as Nanny for a Vip family. My boyfriend was already working for this family as Private Chef 

The experience with this family was so positive that they asked us to follow them during their holidays in France, in their summer villa. So I kept on working for them, and this time as a Butler.

This adventure opened my eyes to a new world, which made me expand my networking, and start to work with a lot of international customers.

What I exacty do, then?

The main role is the one of a butler, and it can involve or not ravelling with the cliens, it depends on their needs.

The classic Butler job involes a range of tasks: managing the staff, managment and house maintenance (any kind).

In my case, my main tasks regard the house managment, table decorations, day table service, organization of events/parties. This is what put in practis my ability of guest welcoming, and also the flower decorations, preparations of drinks, booking restaurants, and other requests the client might have related to the house or their stay.

Of course I dont work alone, in the houses there is a full staff of privae chef (1 or more), cleaning staff, driver, gardner, security and an house manager if the buler s temporary.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done.

Years ago I wouldn´t ever thought to do this kind of job, which today is my job and which makes me in direct contact with people who live a quite luxurious life.

I am a person who likes to help others and in this work, I find myself very much, I always try to give my best and to find not one, but a slew of solutions, to never disappoint those in front of me. On the other hand, my job is to support and facilitate the customer.

“Never say no” is what I learned most of all during my career in London.

The Covid, in a sense, has changed this area, in fact, to date, there are more requests to work in the private.

From my experience, I can tell you that, if you showed up at an agency with less than three years of experience or zero VIP family experience, they didn’t present you with opportunities..

Today there are definitely more possibilities, having experience in the hotel and luxury industry is crucial, since it trains you to a totally different approach with the customer. In addition, having references helps a lot, but there must be a constant desire to get involved, be multitasking and love the work you do..

If you love the work you do work with pleasure and serenity also because, as in my case, I have had the opportunity and I have the opportunity to choose how to work and with whom.

I worked last winter in a Chalet in Courchevel for 4 months, and I had the opportunity to work for wonderful clients of different nationalities, every week I was traveling to a different country, always learning and improving my skills.

What I am today, the various possibilities, is all thanks to me, thanks to Aras.

How did I get started?

I wrote a cover letter, my CV in English and then I put it all in various envelopes, which I later left in the richest areas of London, thus finding my fortune.

No recommendation or bring a friend.

Then, to work with other customers or in other places, I needed references, in particular to go through an agency, that before introducing you to a customer, wants certainties about your account, about who you are, how you work and more.

Clearly, the members of the family you work for become your employers and want to learn more about your professionalism and your working method.

I particularly like this because it adds value to my CV, and it makes the information you are giving more complete.

You will have noticed that I speak mainly of London, because I have loved it since the first day I set foot in it. London welcomed me, took me by the hand, made me grow, improve, gave me the best job opportunities, I found myself face to face with different realities, where I got to choose and change paths.

It was the most important choice I’ve ever made, but I don’t regret a single day, even though it hasn’t always been that easy, but I would do it again and again.

London is the city that never sleeps, with a thousand shades, safe, full of life and opportunities that, if you can grasp, bring great satisfaction.

It wasn’t easy at first, even though I had studied English for years, at first I found myself catching a block, linked to the fear of jumping and making mistakes. But in the end I’m here, I made it and I’m happy.

I learned to hold interviews, to present myself in front of so many people in a language that is not my own, I have received so much and met so many beautiful people that I will always carry with me.

I am and will always be grateful.

I have left the place physically, but with my mind I am always there, because I have always felt at home and if there is one thing I have learned in these years is that, home is not where you grow up, home is where you feel inside of belonging.

I mean, London has a piece of my heart and my heart, it has and will always have its magic with it.

I did not leave because of Brexit, as many may think, rather let me say: who has the Pre Seattle status or indefinite status and wants to change jobs, it’s the right time! The labour market is even more alive than before!

I would like to add, finally, that those who are interested and want more info, can write me in private through my channel IG @travelwitharasuk, I am always available to give suggestions, advice, the ones I would have liked many years ago and I have not found.

Thank you and good luck with any choice you decide to take.

I greet you with my motto: If you don’t try, you don’t know it.

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