I have been thinking a lot about what to write to describe myself, and I ended up with the idea that the best thing to do would be to tell you more about me and why I have created Going Expat.
I would like to do so, differently, using symbols that say something about me.

The Globe

It has a big value for me, to the point I have decided to get a tattoo of it. It has been also the shape of my cake for my degree party and the party favours too. I have many globes at home, of different sizes and colours. I know, you are still waiting to know what does it represent to me. It is curiosity, travelling, life. Since I started to travel, I have never stopped. I have memories all around, places I loved and others where I won’t go back, and they are all part of me. Finding out what diversity means, what is on the other side of our world, made grow in me the desire and the strength, to move abroad, somewhere far from my home country, geographically and culturally, and still giving me the feeling to be home.

The snow-balls

Look into the eyes of a kid seeing the snow for the first time, it is magic, isn’t it? Now, imagine if hat kid can grab that moment and make it eternal. This is what snow-balls are for me. I collect them for ages, and my family and friends always bring one to me from their trips too. Just because I like the idea to keep that magic moment.

The strait of Messina

That’s my connection with my home country, my island, my origin, my family. The memories with my siblings and parents. The Strait and its mysteries, its legends and myths. Peaceful and dangerous at the same time due to the streams. Streams that I got in me and that can lull me during the normal ups and downs of life.

The Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam

Although Rotterdam wasn’t the first city I have moved to after leaving Messina, it is the only one I came back to, and I decided to call it home. The white bridge, the swan, is the first memory I have of Rotterdam, and it became my symbol, the place of my heart.


Writing has always been like to talk with a friend. Going Expat wants to be not only my friend, but the friend of every curious one, everyone which wants to know more about expat life, or simply, having a different point of view to compare with.

Going Expat wants to be community, sharing, information and story telling.

What do you want Going Expat become for you?

This is just he beggining o my story, I will tell you more in other articles about my interests and my expat life  as well as ith some videos on my Youtube channel.