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Today, 19 Marzo, in Italy is Father’s Day which we call Festa del Papà, the day when we celebrate paternity with small gifts, sweets etc… a family day, a further excuse to be together.

But why on March 19th?

The answer is simple: it coincides with the day of Saint Joseph, who acted as father to Jesus in his earthly life.

Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world.

The day dedicated to fathers, as well as mothers, is celebrated all over the world, although not necessarily on March 19.

Let’s see some dates and traditions:

In the Netherlands (Vaderdag)France (Fête des Pères), USA, Great Britain, Canada,  Mexico (Día del padre) and Japan (Chichi no Hi) is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

On the second Sunday of June instead it’s up to Belgium (Vaderdag/Fête des Pères) .

We move to November, the second Sunday of the month, to celebrate dads in Scandinavia (Fars Dag in Swedish, Farsdag in Danish and Norwegian, and Isänpäiväi in Finnish).  Here, in addition to gifts, tickets and lunches together, people often wear traditional clothes to celebrate.

Australia and New Zealand  celebrate their fathers on the first Sunday of September, while Brazil (Dia dos pais) the month before, the first Sunday of August.

Spain (Día del Padre) and Portugal (Dia dos pais), as in Italy, celebrate this day on March 19.

When expat dads celebrate their holiday?

I think it depends on the person and the will to teach their children the traditions of both the country of origin and the one in which they live.

Based on my knowledge, especially when the children are small, the celebration with gifts and tickets is made on the day established in the country of residence, thanks to the fact that in kindergarten and school the children do various chores to take home. At the same time, the custom of greeting is maintained even on the day of the feast of the pope of the country of origin.

When do you, expat dads, celebrate it?

Come and tell me in the comments.

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