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Some useful links if you are moving to Denmark

During our chat on YouTube, Christina gave me a lot of info and the first one is not to worry about bureaucracy. Denmark has digitised almost everything!

The organization is not lacking and therefore the sites are well structured to help expats to orient themselves:

In fact, this site explains the procedure to register, also for non-EU citizens.

As almost everywhere, it is possible to stay in Denmark for 3 months (for EU citizens without any permit), after which you will have to register through the website of the Siri Ministry where you will find various questionnaires to fill online. Depending on your situation and if you already have a job or have married in Denmark to study, you will need to supplement your residence application with documents signed by your company or school.

Once you have completed the various steps and received approval of the Siri you will have to register at the Borger . This is when you can register for a physical address in Denmark. You will need to make an appointment (online booking) and go to one of the offices of the 7 cities where this is possible.

This registration is extremely important because it is linked to the registration to the healthcare system that is free by default, in short, paid through the national taxation system.

Clearly there are possibilities for private health services and sometimes some companies offer them in their packages.

Your health coverage code (CPR) is practically your identification number.

All your life from a fiscal point of view will be accessible via the MiTID service/app and here comes the “fun” part. In fact, doing everything online in order to activate the Mit ID (my Danish ID) is necessary that someone confirms that “you are you”, and it does not matter if you have just arrived.

It will be necessary to ask a colleague (work or study), a neighbor, the landlord to accompany you for this recognition.

Cost of living

Of course it changes from city to city and Copenhagen is the most expensive.

According to Numbeo the average cost of a one bedroom apartment is 12,044.70 kr (Danish kroner) in the capital.

For expats and especially if you don’t speak Danish, finding an apartment can be difficult and expensive. The advice is, therefore, to search and create connections in advance to have time to search and find something valid.


Denmark is the 5th country in the world for proficiency in English, therefore the great majority of people speak English and it is not complicated to find work only speaking English.

But if you really want to integrate, understand the culture, have local friends you must speak Danish.

This is a summary of the interesting chat with Christina that you can find on Youtube.

Not only practical info but also his personal experience and some advice.

Among my Top Tips  you find also the article about the school system in Denmark.

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