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Today is the turn of France! you can find the video on YouTube with the tips shared by someone who decided to move there, to Paris, 8years ago.

Also, if you click on the practical guides area of the blog, you can read more about tips to move to other countries already.

Some useful links if you are moving to France

First thing to do when moving abroad is to register to the municipality. If you have an UE passport there is not much more needed than your document. You can stay in France without registration up to 90 days.

Absolutly important is to get the health insurance, the sécurité social which is public and free of charge.

Why is it so important? Because it is much more than an insurance. Your number od sécurité social is, in fact, your identification code and it will be needed for any admin issue in the country.

To the public health insurance it is possible to aff a private one and the cost go from €20 to €100 per months. Ut can be relevant if you need to deal with some specific health problems.

To have a French bank account is not mandatory but strong recommended to dont have problem with the employer (to get your salary), to be able to pay directly the bills for the house, internet, mobile subscriptions etc… and because, in case of economic issues, the government provides some support that can be received on a local bank account.

Cost of living in France, specifically in Paris

Iy is hard to give a clear estimation of the cost of living in all France. It is a big coutry and costs change from city to city.

Let´s take the example of Paris. It is the most expensive city in France and it is probably the most interesting for an international audience who is thinking to move to France for the first time.

To use a metric it is useful, in my opinion, to talk about the price of the apartment (to rent):

Studio: the price change in the different areas of the city, generally speaking you find a decent one from €600 to €1000 per month.

Rooms: it is possible and common to rent a room in a shared apartment for about €500 per month. The risk is that you will have a very small one and a bit uncomfortable regardinghow to share the bathroom, for example, which can be shared between more apartments.

One bedroom apartment: the average price is €1200/1300 and it is the ideal rent for a couple.

Followinf the experience shared by Chiara (interviewed), the cost to salary ratio could be better.

I have done some researches and it looks the average salary per month in France is just over €2000. It still lloks like a good enough salary, what do you think?

You probably know it already, but it is always important to remind that speaking French in France is needed!

More info?

Chiara got a blog, unfortunately is only in Italian for now, but she is available for clarifications and support if you need them.

Check out the interview to Chiara on my YouTube account.

It is in Italian with subtitles in several languages

If you live or have lived abroad and you want to share your story, please, text me!

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