Hello everyone and happy new year!

If you didn’t have enough of food during these holidays, here an article about it!

It has been a while since I thought to write an article about where to eat in the Netherlands.

Of course I know more about Rotterdam, but I know Amsterdam is the city where almost everyone go and it is also more difficult to find something good and not too pricy or that is not a “trap for tourists”

Also, I countiniously see posts on IG about a typical Dutch cuisine and the suggestion to have dinner at Febo. Of course Febo is a thing in NL and it is used by students or people who want to save money, but from there to identify it with the typical Dutch thing to do it is a bit too much, in my opinion

Where to eat in Amsterdam as a local

I have askd to friends and colleagues, expats and locals, who live in the city. Not only we have Dutch people and from all around the world (from Poland to Brazil), also with different diet habits. This means that in the list you find places for vegetarians and vegans as well.

We have it all!

And I guess it is what is expected from Amsterdam, right?

Don’t forget is always better to book your table in advance.

Amsterdam is very touristic and crowdy, in general, so places are very often full.

But let’s see the list now!

Here the restaurants suggested to who deals with Amsterdam on a daily bases and some careful travellers:

Moeders to have a taste of the typical Dutch dishes, but not only.

Bardak Amsterdam or Tel Aviv? Why we need to choose if we can have a bit of one and the other?! This is a very good choise also for vegetarians and vegan

Veganees vegan & asiatic, but also a good location for cocktails

Wildezwijnen a bit of everything, menú for the ones who eat meat and non.

Hotel De Goudfazant enjoy the vibes of this nice hotel, open only for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday

Volare in this list we couldn’t miss an Italian restaurant, even though there is another one scrolling the list. For the ones who love Italian cuisine or want to enjoy a nice aperitif or the Italians who need to feel more “at home” sometimes!

The Seafood bar fish lovers this is for you! Maybe this is not a cheap location but the place won awards and it iconic for the quality of its dishes. I guess it worths a dinner!

Pesca Vis what makes this place special? There is not menu, or better the menú is always a day manú based on what they have, so it is more fresh as possible.

Aglio jazz as per Volare, we are back to the Italian cousine, but with some “musical” vibes!

Lagom, the place you dont want to miss for breakfast or brunch

Have you already found your favourite one? Or you want to share your food esxperience in Amsterdam? Text me

Would you like to have a list also for the top restaurants in Rotterdam? Let me know in the comment

I talk you soon!