There are many reasons why people move abroad, and often are related to external situations. It can be for work reasons, love reasons (many expats are so, because they chose to follow their partner) and so on.

But what are the real reasons why someone should take the decision to move abroad?

(Even if for a short period of time).

In my video on youtube I talk about some, and here I follow with some more. Let´s start from the beginning, anyway:


Living abroad does challenge you. You´ll find yourself uncomfortable, out of your comfort zone many times, and many times you will adjust yourself again to the life you have chosen. At the same time, this will make you grow and learn so much, thanks to the different people you are meeting, the different work mentality, the food, the system you live in.

Expat life can make you feel alone sometimes, not because you really are, but because it will increase your sense of responsability.

Love yourself.

Yes! you´ll get surprised of how, all the experiences, will make you proud of yourself.

While you learn, you adapt, you change your mind, you´ll also learn more about you an your own culture. Being aware of how much you have accomplished, will make you feel great and love yourself even more!


Your cv will look great! Having at least one experience in another country is definitely an interesting point for any employer.

Nowadays, for some jobs, different experiences in different contests are relevant, and will make employers curious about you and your skills.

Mind opener.

The challenges we have discussed at the beginning of this article, will make you definitely more open minded and aware of the differences in the world.

However you´ll keep big part of your culture with you (and this is totally fine), you´ll start to appreciate and understand that there is not only one way. You´ll start to listen more to other people experiences, and understand their point of you.

One of the goal of life abroad is to get used to a multicultural world, with no judgment.


Living somewhere else, moving on your own and far from where you have always been, is an opportunity to learn what really are your values. What you like the most and why, if you want to switch career, where do you really want to live. Is money the priorities or you prefer a more simple environment? What about your family, and your friends?!

Your priorities change and change again.

Now if you are thinkin about moving abroad: do it! And check my tips too